We are proud of our completed projects

We have worked with the businesses and people of all backgrounds in our district to bring visions to reality and passion to life.



Omni Park

Omni Park is a 7-acre public, urban, pop-up park that is equipped with a skate park, café, & radio hub. It is also host to live performances, the Boho Market, and other programs. With the help of the CRA, the once blighted and unused land is now a green accessible playground. Authorized in December, the ribbon cutting took place just three months later

Dorsey Library Rehabilitation

Good things are coming to those who have waited..and waited. The Dorsey Library is literally a skeleton of itself. Its once vibrant presence has become the canvas of Graffiti artists as well as a safe place to lay some nights for those seeking. With new signage proudly boasting of the Omni CRA, Historic Preservation and City of Miami plans displayed, the community is anxious to see the doors open again soon. The Dorsey Library will assuredly return to being a gem of the community. "The programs help shape the library just as much as the beams of the building, "says Assistant Director Humberto Gonzales "We are currently seeking community input as well as program planners and community partners to bring this building to life again. The community has waited and has missed that energy long enough."

Omni CRA C.A.R.E.S Community Assessment Resources Evaluation Survey

If you are a Grove-ite, you might remember the 2012-2013 Community Assessment Survey that inspired such programs as One Grove and S.T.A.R.T as well as created outreach efforts for the West Grove from City Commissioners. Former Grovite, Executive Director Jason Walker enlisted Courtney Omega to lead Community Relations and update the survey to relate to Overtown Residents.

"The hope is to engage and empower the community of the Omni-CRA" says Omega. The surveys can be assessed three ways, on site at pick up points: Phillis Wheatley Elementary, The Culmer Resource Center and the Overtown NET office as well as First Fridays.

Once the comprehensive data is collected, the community will be welcome to share the information and learn how to apply the assessment to improve their quality of life "I am looking forward to finding out what people care about most," says Karen Cartwright "Put it to you like this, I might have to use the back of the paper."

Rehabbed Home—Where the Heart Is

With a paper gripped tight in his hands, lifelong neighborhood resident Lewis Taylor entered the Omni-CRA Executive Office. "I came to talk to Mr. Jason Walker. I was told he would help me" As Mr. Taylor sat he shared that his home, which he'd lived in since birth, had seen too many ups and downs, hurricanes and global warmings, but it was still standing. "I want to be able to enjoy my home as much in these years as I did in my youth" says Taylor. With Rebuilding Together, a rehabilitation program, Executive Director Jason Walker is expecting to provide at least a million dollars into the rehabilitation and renovation efforts of Omni-CRA Residents "Mr. Taylor and residents like him, deserve comfort and security in their homes. We are here to serve people like this." Derrick Scott is also looking to have his building rehabbed. This is a welcomed event for the 10 residents that reside at the property at 1351 NW 14th St. in efficiencies on the second floor. Currently the men share two bathrooms at either end of the halls. The plan is to assess and improve the property, starting with the numbers of bathrooms. "When I went to Mr. Walker and the CRA, I didn't realize what all they could do but I'd read about CRAs transforming communities and properties. Real Estate is a family business and we are hoping to renovate these properties. Some of these guys have been here for 6, 7 years. We want to improve the property but not change the tenants. They are some pretty good guys."