Grant Programs

CRA's various grant programs

The Omni CRA will consider only the grant payment request that meets the criteria stipulated on the grant agreement executed between the parties and guidelines below. At large, each grant payment request made in a form of either a reimbursement or a direct payment to a vendor must meet the following criteria:

  1. Grant funding is encumbered via board resolution and the grant agreement is fully executed accordingly.
  2. Must correspond to the line items in the approved grant budget.
  3. Must be pre-approved by the City of Miami CRA or designee prior to incurring the expenditure.
  4. Must be adequately documented with verifiable documentation. At large, a reimbursement request shall be accompanied with a copy of the payment form (Ex. either a cancelled check along with endorsement or a credit card receipt). No cash payment will be considered for reimbursement.
  5. CRA should reimburse for direct construction cost for labor, material, equipment, and direct construction services.
  6. By the same token, construction cost does not include the compensation paid to the architect, engineers and consultants, the cost of the land, rights-of-way and other costs which might be contemplated in the contractual agreements as being designated as responsibility of the owner ("skin in the game").