Working with the Omni CRA

Community is the top priority of the Omni CRA. Whether through the assessment survey, one-on-one business and funding consultations or hosting community meetings, service to you is at the top of the agenda of the Omni-CRA.

How to work with the Omni CRA

I run a local business.
  1. If you are the propieter of a local business, within the Omni CRA boundaries, we can help. The OmniCRA has begun a rolling program for facade, buildout, and other improvements for local businesses. Send a inquiry to OmniCRA

  2. Attach a letter of intent outlining:
    1. Description of your business, including dates of operation, customers served, number of employees, etc.
    2. General description of assistance your business requires.
    3. Itemized budget for assistance requested.
    4. Include supporting documents (diagrams, plans, materials, etc).
    5. Business Incentives Grant Application
  3. Funds from our business incentives program are disbursed at the discretion of the Director and Board. Businesses significantly contributing to community redevelopment are more likely to receive assistance.
I want to open a business.

If you are trying to open a business in the Omni CRA, we can help.

  1. Are you looking for space in the Omni CRA? We can steer you toward available retail storefronts, warehouses, and office spaces as well as selling land owners.
  2. Do you need assistance with permitting (Parking, WASA, Solid Waste, etc)?
  3. Set up a meeting with us.
I am a resident of the Omni CRA.

If you are a resident wishing to improve the neighborhood, requiring assistance, or facing eviction, we can help. The OmniCRA aims to help residents of the district to remain in the district. Please call or email us.

I am a residential property owner.

The Omni CRA is committed to increasing high quality affordable and workforce housing opportunities for its residents, and beautifying the neighborhood. If you are a local landlord or homeowner and are interested in working with the Omni CRA to refurbish or recertify properties, or to host an afforable housing program in your properties, let us know.

What we're saying:

The hope is to engage and empower the community of the Omni CRA
Courtney Omega,
Community Outreach Coordinator