An Enduring Vision

At Omni CRA, we believe in a sustainable future built on Omni’s unique history and culture. Together with the community, we are transforming underutilized spaces, creating affordable housing, stimulating economic growth and enhancing the local quality of life.

Who We Are

In 1987, the city of Miami formed the Omni Community Redevelopment Agency (Omni CRA) to carry out renovation and revitalization activities within the boundaries of the designated redevelopment area. As mandated by the Community Redevelopment Act of 1969 (Florida Statutes Chapter 163 Part III), Omni CRA’s purpose is to:
  • Revitalize neighborhoods within the Omni CRA
  • Aid in successful development projects of both the public and private sector
  • Alleviate conditions contributing to slum and blight
  • Encourage the creation of housing attainable to all

Our Values

Omni CRA is a values-driven organization guided by four core principles.
Illustration of a lantern
We envision a vibrant neighborhood where people from all different walks can afford to live, work and make an impact.
Illustration of a key
Where others see challenges, we see opportunity. We work to create opportunities for all residents.
Illustration of a growing plant
We bring diverse ideas and people together to renew areas and create a vibrant community.
Illustration of a traffic circle
Sharing what we know and learning from others, we can develop more effective solutions.
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