An Enduring Vision

At Omni CRA, we believe in a sustainable future built on Omni’s unique history and culture. Together with the community, we are transforming underutilized spaces, creating affordable housing, stimulating economic growth and enhancing the local quality of life.

Programs & Areas of Focus

Our work is firmly grounded in our mission to revitalize the Omni redevelopment area and elevate the quality of life. As outlined in our Community Redevelopment Plan, we support five fundamental programs:

Funding for our work is generated locally by tax increment. Future tax dollars are directed back into the area for public improvements, without increasing or levying new taxes.

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Historic Preservation

The Omni district includes some of the oldest and most important buildings in Miami. As stewards of the area, it is our responsibility to safeguard them. Through our Historic Preservation Program, we restore these historic properties and the area’s cultural fabric. We are committed to ensuring their iconic quality is not lost to development or neglect.

Rendering of historic Citizens Bank Building showing full restoration

Business Opportunities

It’s no secret that local businesses bring jobs, activity and a unique sense of community. Our Business Incentive Grant Program helps new businesses relocate here, while also supporting existing businesses in their efforts to expand and grow. Each business incentive grant expands employment opportunities in the neighborhood while also activating the street.

Interior of restaurant and bar 1305, an Omni Business Incentive Grant Program recipient

Housing Affordability

Miami faces a severe housing affordability crisis, as wages and incomes have failed to keep pace with surging housing costs. Six out of ten South Florida residents spend more than 30 percent of their incomes on housing, making Miami the most rent-burdened metro in America. Omni CRA is helping families and individuals from all income levels to make their homes here. Our housing affordability efforts focus on three main priorities:

  • Ensure residents are not negatively impacted or displaced by new developments
  • Allow residents who have been displaced to return and 
  • Ensure high-quality housing is attainable for all residents.

Rendering of the completed 16 Corner multi-family mixed-income housing affordability project


Through sound infrastructure investments, Omni CRA improves neighborhood structures, facilities and public areas. This program brings together local agencies for the benefit of the area and city as a whole. Current and past projects range from street and stormwater improvements to lighting, parking, protected bike lanes and sidewalk enhancements.
Aerial view of infrastructure in the Omni District

Quality of Life

The end goal of all of our efforts is a better quality of life. Enhancements to neighborhood safety, comfort and overall wellbeing fall under this program. From Purple Shirts to home repairs, special police task forces, green spaces and street improvements, we’re renewing the neighborhood and working towards a healthier, more vibrant environment.

Purple Shirts team members making improvements on the street in Omni District
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