An Enduring Vision

At Omni CRA, we believe in a sustainable future built on Omni’s unique history and culture. Together with the community, we are transforming underutilized spaces, creating affordable housing, stimulating economic growth and enhancing the local quality of life.

Board of Directors

The Omni CRA Board is comprised of the Miami City Commissioners.

Headshot of Commissioner Ken Russell
Ken Russell

Chairman, Omni CRA
Commissioner, District 2

[email protected]

Headshot of Commissioner Joe Carollo
Joe Carollo

Vice Chairman, Omni CRA
Commissioner, District 3

[email protected]

Headshot of Commissioner Manolo Reyes
Manolo Reyes

Board Member
Commissioner, District 4

[email protected]

Alex Diaz de la Portilla

Board Member
Commissioner, District 1

[email protected]


Christine King - City of Miami Commissioner D5
Christine King

Board Member
Commissioner, District 5

[email protected]

Omni CRA Team

Our team works full-time on the community’s behalf, helping to make the Omni district a better neighborhood for residents and businesses.

Headshot of Jason Walker
Jason Walker, Executive Director

[email protected]

Jason Walker is an experienced city manager and community partner who has helped redevelop neighborhoods including Omni CRA, Coconut Grove and Midtown. A former resident of the Omni neighborhood, he has an in-depth understanding of its past and potential.

Headshot of Anthony Balzebre
Anthony Balzebre, Assistant Director

[email protected]

A Miami native, Anthony Balzebre has a background in public policy with a focus on health, research and development. He believes in policy approaches that address root causes while also helping businesses and communities. Anthony also serves as the Director of the Midtown CRA. 

Headshot of Isiaa Jones
Isiia Jones, Chief Legal Officer

[email protected]

Previously with the City Attorney’s Office, Isiaa Jones brings a passion for development to her work as Omni’s in-house counsel. Her background is in construction, finance, immigration and contract review.

Headshot of Adam Old
Adam Old, Director of Planning & Policy

[email protected]

A leader and community advocate, Adam Old oversees planning and makes policy recommendations to the Director of the Omni CRA. He serves on a number of boards and committees supporting transit and the environment in Miami-Dade County. 

Headshot of Frances Llop-Noy
Frances Llop-Noy, Project Development Specialist

[email protected]

Frances Llop-Noy has been a resident of the Omni neighborhood for over 20 years. With a keen understanding of real estate, hospitality and customer service, she works with local entrepreneurs and business owners to facilitate solutions and help them achieve success.

Javier Rivas-Plata, Maintenance Supervisor

[email protected]

Javier Rivas-Plata supervises maintenance of Omni CRA-owned property as well as well as overseeing the Purple Shirts team that works throughout the neighborhood. 

Jesly De Los Santos, Legal Assistant

[email protected]

Jesly De Los Santos is the legal assistant at the Omni CRA. 

Jessica Yance, Receptionist

[email protected]

Jessica Yance oversees the operations of the front desk, receiving visitors to the CRA, overseeing the daily business of office management. 

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