Dinner table and soft ambience at Bunbury

Bunbury: An Enticing Opportunity

Bunbury is a beloved Argentine restaurant and daytime cafe that has built its business on great food, service and word-of-mouth marketing. After serving Edgewater for more than five years, Bunbury decided to relocate to the Omni district. As co-owner Paula Costa says, “We could have moved anywhere in Miami, but couldn’t resist the opportunity in downtown. This area is quickly becoming a destination for our clients.” 

Interior of bar area at Bunbury

Bunbury’s relocation was made possible through an Omni CRA small business grant. Local to the area with a well-regarded restaurant, Bunbury’s owners just needed help expanding their business. With assistance from Omni CRA, they moved to 1420 NE Miami Place with an expanded menu and new concept. A community favorite, Bunbury fulfills a much-needed service for existing residents and area workers, while also bringing new clientele to the area.

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